Assistencia 24 Horas Incluida - Alugue sem cartao de crédito


Yes, the vehicle must be returned under the same conditions as the delivery. All the necessary information can be found on the status/contract sheet that is delivered at the beginning of the contract. Failure to comply with the conditions will incur additional costs. All our vehicles are delivered to the Customer with a fully filled fuel tank and must be delivered under the same conditions. If it is not delivered under the same conditions, we will provide the refueling service, charging the value of the fuel (which is usually higher than the price of traditional gas stations) and the respective filling rate in force. In the case of washing, there may be an additional cost according to the following criteria: - 1 - 30€ - Vehicles that have unusual dirtiness, such as: Leftover food, bottles, rubbish, papers, diapers, dog hair and sand only in upholstery. - 2 - 60€ - Same damage mentioned in point 1 + unusual dirt on the bodywork (such as mud). - 3 - 90€ - Stains on the seats, dog hair and sand on more than one upholstery or trunk.


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Yes, however, an additional travel fee of between €100 and €300 (one way national) may be charged depending on the places of origin and destination of the trip, whenever the destination desk is in a different region from the starting point. You must request information on the applicability of your particular contract at the time of picking up the vehicle, or when making your reservation.
No. Extensions can only be made in person. The rental agreement grants a grace period of 60 minutes. After this period, the additional amount due for the rental corresponds to periods of 24 hours of the rate in force for the valcão, which normally has a higher value than the one initially contracted.
You must fill in the friendly declaration provided with the contract documentation, paying attention to its proper completion. It is important that all fields are correctly filled in and that the declaration is signed by the parties involved in the claim, so that it can be claimed from the insurance company. Whenever there is disagreement between the parties, the competent authorities must be called to prepare a police report. In both cases, the driver must deliver all the documentation related to the accident that he has in his possession at a M. Cunha Rent-A-Car station. An e-mail contact must also be provided in the rental contract so that the information regarding the completion of the process can be sent more quickly.
The processes in which the "Friendly Declaration" has been duly completed and signed by the intervening parties are concluded within 30 working days, and, whenever there are doubts on the part of the insurance companies, they may be extended beyond the usual period.
You should check this information on the fuel filler cap. If the information, exceptionally, is not on site, you should contact M. Cunha Rent-A-CAR so that you can confirm this information.
If you have filled up the vehicle with undue fuel, you must stop the vehicle immediately and call the Roadside Assistance service (by telephone: +351 214 417 373). Failure to stop the vehicle may give rise to mechanical problems and additional costs. Incorrect supply will give rise to the following additional costs: - 300€ + VAT related to cleaning the fuel tank - Refueling value of a full tank (variable value depending on the fuel and vehicle used)
You cannot smoke inside all M. Cunha Rent-A.Car vehicles. The verification of signs in the vehicle that evidence such conduct determines the payment by the Customer of a penalty (200€).


No, we only accept credit cards as collateral/deposit.
It's very simple, we have a device in the car that registers all the toll passes. We do not charge extra fees for it. How it works: use the official Via Verde lanes where you don't have to stop to get a receipt at the beginning or to pay at the end. it's always rolling. At the end of the contract, when you deliver the car, we will charge you for the fares you made at the toll booths. The Via Verde device is valid on motorways and SCUTS (electronic gantries).
Only reservations whose cancellation is made at least 15 days before the initial date of the car rental contract will be refunded, regardless of the alleged reason. NOTICE: Canceling your reservation less than 15 days in advance will result in the full amount of your rental contract being charged.
No. If the client chooses to deliver the rented car before the end of the contract, M. Cunha Rent a Car reserves the right to charge the total amount of the rental initially paid.